About Us

Our Mission

Rainbow Children’s Home exists to provide Hope, Security, and Opportunity to girls between 12 and 18 who are victims of abuse and/or neglect.

The Past and Present of Rainbow Children’s Home

In the late 1990’s, concerned and compassionate citizens recognized the need for a local shelter for children taken into custody by DFCS.  At the time, foster families were few, and children were routinely sent out of Lumpkin County for emergency care.

A group of caring individuals molded themselves into a board to work toward solving the problem.  They were able to obtain the support of Lumpkin County and were granted a 50-year lease on the home the organization currently occupies.  Rainbow Children’s Home fostered collaboration among government agencies, service providers, civic organizations, local businesses and individuals.  This team approach allowed for the completion of necessary physical improvements to the home in order to meet state requirements.

On September 22, 2000, the first 5 children were welcomed into Rainbow Children’s Home.  In early 2002, the board decided to serve children from counties other than Lumpkin County with the belief that all children in need should be served regardless of geographical location.  To date, Rainbow Children’s Home has provided care for over 750 children. As in the past, Rainbow Children’s Home also provides counseling services, educational assistance, spiritual guidance, and an environment of hope, security, and opportunity.

Some of the programs and services that we are offering to our residents:

Mentoring – Women from the community work one-on-one as mentors for the residents. This program offers a positive role model for the girls and extra support during this difficult time.

Job Shadowing – Residents are able to work with professionals in the community in areas of interest.  Examples include dental hygiene, office management, journalism, cosmetology, etc.

Community Involvement – We feel it is important to teach the principle of “giving back” to the community.  Residents are able to participate in volunteer opportunities that support our community while instilling good values and a sense of accomplishment for the residents.

Life Skills – Our staff is dedicated to equipping our teen residents for adulthood by teaching important life skills such as cooking, laundry, money management, etc.

If you are interested in providing enrichment opportunities for our girls through your business or organization, please contact Melinda Rollins-Frausto, melinda@rainbowchildrenshome.org.

As we strive to teach our residents how to build and live successful, healthy and independent lives, we welcome opportunities from the community! Our girls currently participate in Equestrian Therapy, Art Therapy, Pet Therapy, and tutoring. Some of our residents have also held part-time jobs with local businesses.

Our residents also serve in the community by volunteering at area nursing homes, churches, and other non-profit organizations.