Why Donate?

At Rainbow Children’s Home we believe that a child never deserves to be mistreated or degraded; and if it is discovered that a child has been mistreated it is the duty of the community to step in to provide safety, care, and compassion.

       Each day our staff cares for adolescent girls who have been abused and neglected. Each day we see the effect of these traumas. We see girls who refuse to believe they have value because they have been treated badly for so long. We see girls who have built up walls and coping mechanisms that are unhealthy. We see girls well on their way to becoming women, who have never been taught how to be adults and handle adult responsibilities. It is our duty to do everything in our power to help them learn how to cope in positive ways, teach strategies for success, and help them see their own worth.

Unfortunately, many of these facets of care come with monetary expenses attached. On our own RCH can meet the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing; to go beyond that, to truly make a change in these precious lives, we rely on the goodwill of our community.  Our ultimate goal is to break the cycles of poverty and abuse by making a change one child at a time. On our own there are limits to what we can accomplish, but with your help we can make great strides toward ending abuse and poverty.