When we think about Christmas, we often think of family. For children for whom the idea of “family” may not be so simple, it might be difficult to think of how to establish healthy holiday traditions. While those things are important to all children, there might just be various ways of going about it for … + Read More

Ways to Instill Healthy Habits into the Lives of Teen Girls

Being a teenager has never been easy. There you are, so close to adulthood and yet so far away. You are old enough to have some concept of what is going on both within yourself and the world around you, but you also don’t have the experience or wisdom to help navigate that world with … + Read More

Hello world! Rainbow Children’s Home Website

We have just updated our website! We hope this makes it easier for you to donate, support and get the latest news about Rainbow Children’s Home. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us or leave us a message via our contact form. We hope you enjoy it, be sure to share … + Read More