Individual Supporters

Amy YoungJoanne A. ComstockNoah R. Andrews
Annette SeaboltJohn and Linda LawrenceOliver and Joanne Sale
Anthony and Julia ClaxtonJohnny and Marsha GrizzlePatricia Harman
Barry D. FriedmanJon and Mariana StonePaul and Candice Habel
Becky and John UpchurchDavid and Sue MillerRalph and Carole Prescott
Bill and Catherine StreverDeborah S SimmonsRebecca Forehand
Bill and Margaret PoitevintDeborah SeaboltRobert and Louise Keller
Bill JamesDon and Loraine TriceRobert and Sandra Sinclair
Bruce & Mary EdenfieldDonald & Priscilla TaylorRobert and Suzanne Grove
Carl and Katherine JamesDoug and Camille KittrellRobert Engel
Charlene RyanDoug ParksRoger & Shirley Christman
Charles and Carolyn PendletonDouglas and Cynthia ShankwilerRonald and Linda Larson
Charles and Deborah JonesE Paul StringerRose Clary
Charles and Susanne NeilElla EnglishRussell & Shirley Rollins
Chris and Susan HartmanEric and Nancy DickinsonS & R L Grove
Clark and Connie ThompsonFred and Bonnie WeilStan Lewis
D. C. MaxwellG E and JoAnne BrinkSally Black
Dan and Elaine McSwainGary and Christine GreenwaldStanley and Susie Lewis
Darrell and Julia WoodallJay DavisStephen and Deborah Schofield
David and Jenna LacyJoseph and Karin GuySteven and Betty Miller
Dewey MoyeJoseph and Martha McKenzieSteven and Carol Hart
Donna ChambersJoyce Ann LewisSue Settle
George and Peggy ThompsonKate PorfilioSuzanne Crosson
Gregory and Robin FenderKatherine DavisTerry and Annette Burnett
Gregory and Susan FordKathy S. WilbanksTerry and Wanda Stephens
Guy and Pat LaboaKay KingThomas and Barbara Willoughby
Harold & Marianne RosignoliKenneth and Cynthia BlankTimothy and Diane Hanley
Harper DussouyKenneth W. FeltmanTodd and Rhonda Strickland
Helen HardmanLarry & Shirley OdomTroy and Donna Caldwell
Henry and Katherine DavisLew and Diane HouserWalter Breyer
Jacqueline YoungManuel B. CarvalhoWayne Seabolt
James and Linda CarrMary A FlowersWilliam and Harriet Burt
James and Rhonda SheppardMichael and Patsy FergusonWilliam and Joan McGraw
Janice WhiteheadMike S. WindWilliam and Judy Wheeler
Jeffrey and Deborah FoxNancy BauerNancy Hansard
Jerry and Elaine CokerTracy and Roone UngerChristine Laws
Sherrie and Michael HaddadBarbara Haddad