Weathering the Storm

As Irma made its way through North Georgia Monday night many of us felt a sense of dread, worry, and fear.  Would we lose power? Would trees fall on our homes? Would our family members be alright? Would we make it through the storm safely?

We are thankful that for Rainbow Children’s Home and all the young ladies under our roof the answer is yes, we made it through safely. While most people hunkered down at home, doing all that they could to secure their home, hundreds of local heroes braved the harsh weather and worked to serve those in our community in need of assistance. We are so thankful for our staff who persevered through the storm to make sure that the young ladies we care for were safe and secure, even as their own homes sustained damage and lost power. Rainbow Children’s Home was incredibly fortunate to make it through the storm with no damage and with electricity.

Our location gives us a unique view of our town, we are able to see city offices and Main Street with ease. Often this means that we hear sirens as the police and/or fire department dawn their superhero capes and rush off to save the day. Since the storm, we have seen county emergency personnel, linemen, and good-hearted country folk driving by in their capes and work boots on their way to save the day. The ever-present bright silver lining to a very dark fleeting cloud.

The teens that we serve often feel the dread and fear that we all experienced Monday night but for them, it isn’t a fleeting storm. The turmoil of their lives has taught them to live fearfully, to expect the worst in all cases. Each day RCH staff and our own special ’emergency personnel’  Case Workers, CASA volunteers, Avita Community Partners, Children’s Center for Hope and Healing, and more work to help shine a light in the darkness and help these young ladies navigate the storm to safety. The recent weather has brought heartbreak and hardship to many, but it serves as a concrete example that no matter how bad the storm is it will pass and there will always be superheroes in putting on their capes ready to do whatever it takes to help.